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Greg Kuhl





My training began when I enlisted in the US Air Force as a Security Forces/Law Enforcement Officer. I completed Basic Training in the mid nineties,  at the US Air Force Police Academy in Texas and was then onto my first assignment at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri.  The REAL fun began for me, when a man whom I highly respected, convinced me to tryout out for the Emergency Services Team which is the Air Force’s version of a Civilian S.W.A.T Team/Hostage Rescue Team. It was a specialized team created by the Air Force Regulations to stop Terrorist from stealing Nuclear Weapons while using hostages to gain access to classified location on a Military Base. It was a very grueling try out and took years of practice clearing rooms (CQB) and Hostage rescue training with FBI lead defensive tactics instructors' courses in addition to MOUNT (Military Operations in Urban Train Training).


The team would attend annual S.W.A.T competitions that would reveal that our training was superior to our civilian counter parts on the local Law Enforcement side. (Or maybe we just believed we were that good 😉). Anyway, new orders sent me to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. I quickly joined their Emergency Services Team at my new assignment. The new team was highly skilled and was run by a man who had been through the 101st Special Forces School and would really put the team through rigorous training to the point where our small unit was called to prepare the entire police squadron for remote deployment of CQB activities to IRAC.   

Despite me being a civilian now, to this day, my passion is still for the protection of my country and my family and those I love. Having a family of my own now, I take it seriously to train up people around me to be able to defend themselves and those they love, should harm come their way. That people are worth fighting for.  


First time concealed carry clients are almost always understandably nervous about carrying a concealed firearm. We have heard all the fears before:

"Will my gun go off while I carry it?"

"What about if I carry my child as well as my gun, will stray fingers or toes not get a hold of the gun?"

"What if I enter a place of business and they ask me to leave?"

and lastly "Will I be able to get my gun out fast enough to use it?"

These are all valid questions and we will answer them ALL in our course.

BECAUSE confidence is KEY!

A lack of confidence can keep you from protecting your loved ones or yourself.

We will train you to be confident when you carry.

We teach you practical lessons such as choosing a safe and secure holster.

We teach you the law, knowing when, where, and how you can legally carry a concealed weapon.  

We will teach you how to start-off your concealed carry journey and even give you wardrobe tips! 

Soundness of Mind

"With great power comes great responsibility" 

to coin the phrase from Spiderman.

When handling firearms, there needs to be;


We will teach you to keep calm in crisis situations and not to second guess yourself. This can be achieved through simulations of real-world situations. Our instructors will help you understand your competency level and teach you to be aware of your surroundings and other means to protect your loved ones and yourself, above and beyond your firearm.

Soundness of mind also means being able to make an informed decision in a split second. This can be achieved by understanding your level of confidence, knowing the laws, and being aware of alternatives to drawing and firing your firearm. 

Freedom to Choose

You do not need to be a victim. 

We want to empower you to choose. 

Through our course, we will empower you to choose a firearm that suits you and your family. 

We will empower you to walk around with a concealed carry firearm and know that you do not have to draw it, but we will also teach you when to draw your firearm and then how to use it properly. 

We will empower you to keep your loved ones safe, from external threats but also from your own firearm. 

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